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Boxing Lindisfarne

Boxing in Lindisfarne is offered Thursday at 6.10 pm at Lindisfarne Scout Hall, 2 Ford Parade.  Boxing has some unique benefits to the mind and body that perhaps you haven’t considered before.  People often come to boxing classes for the obvious upper body workout, some for stress release, others for all over core conditioning as well as the cardio challenge.

woman boxing for fitness
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Here are a number of other benefits of boxing in Lindisfarne:

1) Self defense – not that a fitness boxing class actually intends this – but if you are accustomed to a little bit of aggression thrown your way, a bit of bump and tussle you’ll be better prepared should a bully come your way.  You may actually duck and weave, you may discover a strength you never knew you had.

2) an outlet for aggression – so you are a kind and gentle person but you kindly and gently deal with idiots every day . . . . Smash out your frustrations – a well padded up opponent looking for the same is just the ticket!

3) fat loss and cardio challenge – I left 2 of my very capable clients with Chucky Wall one weekend – he decided to do some boxing with them.  “How’d it go” I ask them “Shattered” they both replied.  One had a calorie counter attached to her heart rate monitor – she reported she’d burned an amazing 750 calories that morning!

4) it sharpens the mind – there is nothing like a “jab, cross, uppercut, hook, duck” combo to sharpen the mind.  Don’t get it wrong :/

5) multi-directional movement – boxing is rarely linear – generally you punch, duck, weave and pivot around a space – reach, stretch and rotate – boxing covers all movement patterns.

6) Social aspects – meet new people – and punch them!!

7)  symmetrical exercise opportunities – generally we are stronger on our preferred side – this is true for both arms and legs – boxing classes offer that symmetrical workout where weaknesses can be targeted

8)  Boxing classes target the upper body – and this is very appealing to women and men who may lack upper body strength due to their occupation and hobbies.  Banish the tuck shop arms and grow some guns – tone up and look strong – results will quickly come to any participant who attends boxing.


COST of boxing sessions

$15 casually

$96 for 8 sessions – use over 10 weeks