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Jacqui Oakley

I first met Jacqui Oakley the way many relationships start these days – via the internet.  She has a really interesting instagram account (Happy Humans Life and Fitness) and when I first started ‘following’ her she was pregnant.  I liked the wholesome nature of her messages and I noticed she lived close by.  When I heard she was looking for a little work in the fitness industry we decided to meet up, have a chat, see if we liked each other and had a similar philosophy.  We did, we do.  So I was absolutely delighted when Jacqui rang me to say she absolutely would like to work within Active Solutions and Health Network.  I left that call feeling ‘how lucky am I’!  You see although Jacqui and I share a love of exercise, she has an elite background.  While I love a shagged out knee of pelvis, Jacqui’s head is in helping people lose weight (and she’s good at it).  We are both 4 year trained specialist PE teachers.  We both have a whole load of skills around post natal rehabilitation.  We are both interested in holistic personal training, gut health, solid nutrition principles, stress management, time management.  Relationships are key.  Jacqui is confident and caring, she is good at what she does and I think she is a terrific asset to Active Solutions; a perfect fit for all that Active Solutions is, and all it can be in the future.

So, here’s a bit more about Jacqui.

jacqui oakley running



Jacqui’s background is athletics and has been competing for many years.  Her events varied from 800m on the track, handicapped grass events and right through to completing her first marathon in 2014.


Jacqui received Australian Athletics Confederate Female Distance Athlete of The Year in 2012/13 and in 2013/14.

Jacqui also enjoys bike riding, bush walking and the occasional surf.


Jacqui is 4 year trained (Bachelor of Human Movement) and currently teaches at Sacred Heart.  She also has certificates 3 and 4 in Fitness.


Jacqui is available to work with you on Mondays as your Personal Trainer or Coach, or within our popular small group PT sessions (maximum of 4).  Currently all sessions booked with Jacqui are at a special introductory price – 20% off regular prices.

Sessions are held within Lindisfarne or Geilston Bay.  Home visits within this neighborhood are available.


  • fun run preparation – first time ever to more serious stuff
  • half marathon / marathon preparation
  • general fitness development
  • post natal recovery
  • weight loss personal training and coaching

Please email us directly so we can start you on your journey, what ever that is.