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Personal Training Hobart

Personal training with Jo has a holistic feel – its a partnership towards improved health and fitness, a management of lifestyle issues, a recognition of who you are and what works for you (and what doesn’t).  There’s a combination of the latest in physical training techniques, coaching you to find great life balance and the right advice around your food.  You wont find shakes or meal replacements – we are proudly PROFOOD – we eat real food and we will help you find the right food for your lifestyle and cooking ability.  If you have digestive issues that you just can’t resolve we can determine whether you will benefit from food sensitivity testing and we offer this service to all our PT clients.  Additionally we offer hormonal testing to measure levels or the stress hormone cortisol and we will work with you to create a lifestyle to manage stress and recover from feelings of exhaustion.  So you can see we offer so much more than the workout.  Contact Jo today to find out more about how personal training can help you meet your goals.

Jo Cordell-Cooper Active Solutions and Health Network - owner / operator
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Like to work with Jo Cordell-Cooper?  Here’s more about the benefits.

One on one PT is a premium product.  It is:

  • fully flexible regarding days and times
  • offers additional support / homework to complete
  • home workout options
  • coordination with your medical team (if pre/post surgery)
  • regular follow up
  • entry to our VIP Facebook Group
  • members only water bottle
  • recipe book “Quick and Easy Recipes for Healthy Living” 50 recipes
  • resources for clean eating and gut healing
  • sleep, rest and recovery resources
  • exercise routines for those whose exercise needs are not met by a mainstream gym approach


Indoor and outdoor training venues are available, as well as water based PT.

“I have been participating in Personal Training with Jo now for 4 months & am amazed at how fantastic I feel. My level of fitness was quite good when I began & I have gradually increased this level through a great variety of work outs using very limited fitness equipment, in fact most people could do this in their local park/oval. I have lost cm’s from different areas of my body and the most impressive thing for me is I have remained injury free for the entire time and I feel great. I have recently enrolled in Jo’s Circuit 360 twice a week and find the short, sharp intense work out to be fantastic & although sometimes challenging its very enjoyable. My muscles always remind me the next day I had a great work out the day before!
In summary if you are considering Personal Training you can’t go wrong with Jo , JUST DO IT!! – YOU WONT REGRET IT………” says Lisa Neal in 2012. Lisa trained with me for almost a year and left following foot surgery. She returned again in 2014 for more personal training, and together we completed an endurance walk in 2015. Lisa returned again for water based PT and Aqua Bootcamp. Lisa's use of Active Solution services highlights the 'all ages - all stages' approach.
image of a woman at personal training using a kettlebell
We use kettlebells, TRX suspension trainers, dumbells, resistance bands and swiss balls during personal training
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Personal training is all about you.  Before you commence training we us we need to know what your goals are.  Generally our clients fall into these categories:

  • life balance
  • preparation for surgery / after surgery return to fitness
  • weight loss
  • rehabilitation following pregnancy
  • preparing for a fitness event