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Exercise after pregnancy

If you are ready to exercise after your pregnancy we have a few options for you.  Many people think you can just return to the gym and resume mainstream exercise after pregnancy, perhaps low impact or as a beginner.  Actually, most women need a little more rehabilitation, particularly around:

  • core and pelvic floor,
  • abdominals (which may have separated or lost tone),
  • posture (which has probably changed)
  • and you may be experiencing back pain

If that sound like you, read on!

image of mother with baby

We can help you physically, not only with the every day demands of parenting, but with rehabilitating the body

What do I get from an approach that is specifically for women who want to exercise after pregnancy?


We have extra training and experience dealing with common post natal exercise issues.  We can:


  • calmly and frankly help you with pelvic floor retraining,
  • provide abdominal separation rehabilitation
  • improve your posture and back strength
  • help with sore, rounded shoulders?  This is largely postural – we can give you take away strategies that are quick and easy that you can do at home
  • refer and / or link in with physiotherapy approaches
  •  move you towards more mainstream exercise  – we are your link between rehab and gym
  • help you get back in shape.

We provide exercise programs for more pregnant women each and every week, than anyone else in Hobart.  We know are stuff.

this woman has a sore neck after caring for her child, she needs some exercise after pregnancy classes that will address this

Sore shoulders and a rounded upper back are just one issue that specific exercise after pregnancy classes will address.  This this article titled “Is Baby the Tipping Point” gives you more information about this epidemic.

“Thanks so much Jo, I feel confident to get back into it” and “different every week highlighting new areas for focus” and my favorite “excellent class, touched on the right areas, highly enjoyable and satisfying”.

                                                From a 2015 small group PT approach