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At Active Solutions we view your health holistically


personal training – health coaching – small group personal training – lifestyle change


movement to meet your needs, health coaching to reduce stress, lose weight, manage sleep issues


Where to from here?  If you are recovering from injury or illness, need to prepare for an event, need to lose weight or get on top of some lifestyle behaviours that are affecting health then Active Solutions and Health Network is the place for you! Make contact today!

Active Solutions and Health Network is a premium personal training and health coaching service located in Hobart, Tasmania.

Our approach is very attentive, and starts with a full health and lifestyle history and movement analysis.  From this base we develop a suitable movement approach to meet your needs and stage of life.  Perhaps you need a gentle nudge in a healthier direction, or a full accountability service.  If I had to describe the average Active Solutions client I would say they are a little bit tricky, but very focused on being their best (what ever that is).  By tricky we mean they may have a long standing complex issue that requires a much more attentive exercise approach – personal training that is tailored to meet their needs and a trainer watching over them to ensure they are moving optimally.  The Active Solutions client desires a healthy and active body so they can live well.

Our personal training and health and fitness services include:

  • women’s fitness from pregnancy exercise to post natal exercise,
  • personal training for  individuals and within small groups
  • health coaching for weight loss and better health
  • blood analysis services for adrenal (stress) and thyroid conditions (immunity)
  • Food sensitivity testing
  • water based personal training

More than just personal training – more than just fitness – we view your health holistically

So you can see from this list that we not only consider the movement of clients but their whole body – this is holistic personal training at its best.  We are very much interested in how you manage stress – whether that be emotional stress or external stress like sleep issues, medications, nutrition and food sensitivities, gut health and illness.

It all starts with a phone call so ring Jo today on 0409 86 2206.


Aqua bootcamp is fun, fast and effective – try our low impact, high intensity shallow water class. This inexpensive class is full on and set to motivating music., from $15 at Friends Health & Fitness


Tailored to meet your needs and goals - exercise outdoors, in a community hall or at your home


Our pregnancy aqua classes are suitable at all stages of pregnancy. in a fun and friendly environment exercise while pregnant the low impact way. Each session includes pelvic floor education


Health coaching examines the why behind optimal health choices. Whether we are examining the negative impact stress is having on you, or why healthy eating choices do not come naturally to you we will work together to find the best approach to more you forward with your health

PERSONAL TRAINING (water) 1 on 1

Our personal training in water sessions are workouts that consider injuries, are suitable prior to and following surgery, and utilise the latest of water training gear and techniques.


Our exercise after pregnancy classes are called Mum's that Move. Pelvic floor, separation of abdominals, and pelvic instability all considered in this first step back to exercise


We are skilled and measuring and analysising blood and saliva to get the chemical run down on how you body is dealing with stress, thyroid health and food sensitivities. This service comes with health coaching - get the results and then make a plan around how to get to optimal health


Regular foam rollering and spiky ball workshops address how to release muscle tension and address back discomfort with this self massage technique. Maximum 4 on 1 in any class


Small Group PT (max of 4) offers a cost effective way to have almost of the benefits of 1 on 1 personal training. Rehab, exercise after baby, prepare for an event, or just need better supervision than a mainstream gym offers? Then this is for you

Watch our brief video

Our holistic personal training approach means we look at all aspects of your health, not just movement.

We are built to thrive so if you have symptoms we might examine:

Our solutions are based on both subjective (questionnaires, personal insight) and objective information (sleep study, blood chemistry).

How we really differ from other personal training approaches is that we can delved right into your blood chemistry, and how we differ from a medical approach is that we look at all aspects of your lifestyle.  So, if the doctor says you are not unwell or in need of medicine yet you tell me you do not feel well – that’s where we come in.  We coach you to that place of wellness.  We examine your lifestyle and help you make long term sustainable change for the better.  It’s a very respectful, enabling and fulfilling approach.


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