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Active Solutions and Health Network

Active Solutions and Health Network


Active Solutions and Health Network is a dual award winning fitness business run by Jo Cordell-Cooper.  We specialise in women’s fitness, all ages – all stages.  Although not all of the services offered by Active Solutions and Health Network are at Hobart Aquatic Centre are most of the water based services are.  We are best known for our innovative approach to water based exercise and currently run the following programs:

  1. Ante Natal Aqua – Mondays at 7, Wednesdays at 6 (bookings essential) for ladies 12 weeks pregnant and beyond.  Many ladies exercise right up until the birth. $72 / 4 week program
  2. Aqua Boot Camp – Mondays at 6, Wednesdays at 7 (bookings encouraged, casual visits available).  This high intensity water based class is held in the shallow water pool and incorporates fast moves for cardio conditioning and muscle strengthening into a workout that will make you laugh and loving your exercise routine  $96 / 8 weeks or $14.90 casual
  3. Aqua Gymstickfree to members – this deep water class uses resistance bands attached to a stick to create a challenging deep water class that will improve your posture, tone your core, strengthen your muscles as well as challenge your cardiovascular system
  4. Shallow water and Deep Water classes – free to members – Jo always puts together interesting choreography set to motivating music to ensure each class is different but suits people of all fitness levels
  5. 1 on 1 water based personal training (30 minutes)  These sessions are specifically tailored to you and your needs.  So if you have an injury or medical issue but need to keep moving we can design a program for you – we can meet regularly or intermittently.  $55 for 30 mins

For more information contact Jo directly here, or check out the Hobart Aquatic Centre roster here 


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