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Ante natal aqua Hobart

Ante natal aqua Hobart


As a mother of 3 and lover of all things to do with water, it was only a matter of time before I offered a specialised antenatal aqua class. Our exercises classes for pregnant women are offered every Monday at 7.15pm, except on public holidays.


Being a mother of 3 does not qualify me to take this class. (If you’d had pregnancies like mine, you’d know I want to wrap you up for your entire 9 months.) I’ve put years into educating myself not only in aqua aerobics, but the specialised area of antenatal exercise, pelvic floor exercise and exercise after baby is born. So what’s in it for you?

Women who exercise while pregnant:

  • generally retain their health and fitness throughout the pregnancy
  • are less likely to gain too much weight than your non-exercising sister,
  • and you baby is more likely to be of a healthy weight range.

Antenatal aqua is the perfect place to exercise while pregnant.  Consider these points:

  • pregnancy aqua is low impact
  • there’s less stress on joints and support for your belly.
  • excess fluid and puffiness is reduced by exercise in water, so if you need to reduce your ‘tankles’, water is the place to be!


You may need a medical clearance, so make contact with me and I’ll send you the forms so you can get this underway – some women have to rest during pregnancy but for most moderate exercise is recommended

ladies doing pregnancy aqua

Here’s what Jacquie Purden had to say about our pregnant exercise class:

“A massive thank you for allowing me to be part of your fabulous classes. I have really enjoyed it. Your knowledge, enthusiasm and friendly smile have been the highlight of my week. Once again thanks!”

Antenatal aqua in Hobart is offered in blocks of 4 weeks and provides safe and enjoyable exercise for women in all stages of pregnancy. This is an exercise class, so be prepared to work out, but we’ve removed exercises that are not suitable while you’re pregnant. You can expect to sustain your current level of health and fitness, safely exercise your core, and learn about pelvic floor muscles and exercises, and how your posture might change while you are pregnant (and afterwards).

You can come at any stage of pregnancy but don’t leave it too late! Book early as classes are heavily subscribed. Email to book in and seek out more information from this page.

discussions at pregnancy aqua on pelvic floor

You might also be interested in articles on exercising while pregnant, which is also an excellent source of information for pelvic floor exercises and general recovery exercises after baby is born.



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