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Aqua boot camp Hobart

Thanks to Kathryn Smith for providing this excellent story of her aqua boot camp journey 🙂

I met Jo two or so years ago, through a mutual friend. At the time I was suffering from Shin Splints & was trying to find a form of exercise which I could be comfortable doing, without doing any more damage to myself.

Jo happened to be starting a new form of Boot camp, new to Hobart.  Aqua Boot camp ??? Sounded like a good idea.

I called a friend of mine, to see if she would come with me & try it out.  Her response was “I’ll give it a go with you.” But at the same time sounded very hesitant & wasn’t sure if I would see her for a second class.

Along to the first class we went. The class was fun, & just what I needed for my shin splints.

I would recommend Jo’s Aqua Boot Camp class for anyone.
Any fitness level. It is the type of class you can put in as much or as little as you want.  You can work much harder than you can on land, as you don’t have the impact you have on land.
Its great for rehab, I can certainly vouch for that. It has done my shins wonders.

Jo is a great Instructor, with loads of energy & full of fun.
She pushes you in a fun way & no pressure or guilt is intended when you don’t.  In fact, if you are new to the classes, she recommends not doing exercises a certain way if you have any injuries.

Jo is constantly mixing it up, for variety.
For me I love the ankle cuffs, great for your abs, and the gym stick would be my second favorite. My fitness level & strength has increased since doing her classes.

Just be warned, if you come along, you may become addicted. Just like me & my girlfriend who, YES still comes along with me.

Addict to Aqua Boot Camp & proud of it.

Kathryn Smith

photo of Kathryn a regular Aqua Boot Camp participant