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aqua bootcamp FAQ

Aqua bootcamp FAQ’s are answered here.  If your question is not here please email us with your specific question and we will add it (and the answer) below.

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Aqua bootcamp is now at Friends Health &Fitness, North Hobart

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How do I enrol in aqua bootcamp?

Make your payment of $96 here or face to face with Jo using secure app square reader.  Start any time.  Download this participation questionaire and bring to your first session at Friends Health and Fitness.  That’s all you need to do.

Will I really laugh my arse off?

Yes.  You absolutely will.

I’m a member of Friends Health & Fitness – do I have to pay?

5 free spaces are allocated to Friends Health & Fitness members, once they are full you will have to pay

When is aqua bootcamp on?
Mondays 6.30 pm at Friends Health and Fitness (but not on public holidays).   Booking in is needed at peak times.

I can’t commit weekly – can I come casually?
Yes, if the class is not sold out.  It’s $16.30 for a casual class.

How do I pay?
Pay in advance to ensure you have a space.  Make your payment of $96 here or face to face with Jo using secure app square reader.

I have injuries – would this suit?
Email or talk to Jo directly 0409 862206.

I am unfit – would this suit me?
Absolutely: water based fitness classes are very diverse – move at your own pace, no one will crash into you, and no-one can see you (except the instructor – and she is kind).

Do men come?
Sometimes – they are absolutely welcome – but mostly it’s women who attend.

Do we get out of the water? 
Only at the end – the entire workout is in the pool.

Can I wear glasses?
Yes, we do not submerge.  You’ll get splashed though.

I can’t swim – can I come?
As long as you can keep your feet and feel confident enough to move around in the pool, you’ll be fine. We do not swim or do swimming moves, but we do splash around a lot. If you are very nervous in the pool, it is not the right place for you.

What are the benefits of aqua bootcamp?

It’s a low impact, high intensity workout so you get all the benefits of a land based class without the impact. Water based workouts are multi-directional and highly functional moves that mimic everyday movement in that we twist, rotate, reach, lunge and stretch throughout the workout, yet you are in a supported environment. Here are two more articles on this topic which describe the benefits and some testimonials.

Contact Jo for more information if needed