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Aqua Bootcamp

Aqua bootcamp . . . in water? Bootcamp in water? What is this? Read on and you’ll hear all about it, and hear from some of our regular participants.  Our class is 6.30 pm Mondays at Friends Health & Fitness.

happy people doing aqua bootcamp

Aqua Bootcamp is on:

  • Mondays 6:30 pm at Friends Health & Fitness


  • $17 casual or $120 8 visit pass (to be used over 12 weeks)
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What is aqua bootcamp?

Aqua bootcamp is a high intensity, low impact shallow water aqua aerobics class that is fun, fast and effective.


Using a variety of buoyancy and resistance equipment you will get a workout like no other.


Set to modern and motivating music you will work harder than you ever imagined in water, yet we cater for people with different fitness levels, ages and abilities.


This class is designed to get you fit fast, tone muscle and burn fat while you literally ‘laugh your arse off’!

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Kathryn Smith on Aqua bootcamp:

“Jo is a great Instructor, with loads of energy & full of fun.

She pushes you in a fun way & no pressure or guilt is intended when you don’t.”      

Is bootcamp in water for me?

Bootcamp in water is a high intensity shallow water aqua aerobics class designed for the participant that really wants to push them self in a low impact water aerobics class.

We use simple moves to motivating music so that you get the best workout you can over 45 minutes.

It’s great for:

  • cardio
  • muscle strengthening
  • making you laugh (your a…se off)
  • core stability
  • improving posture

It’ll help you get fit, lose weight and tone up.

Each aqua bootcamp class is different. We use a variety of resistance aids such as noodles, dumbbells, ankle cuffs and aqua gymstick to meet these goals. Sometimes we do partner activities, and add an element of good-hearted competitiveness. We always stay in the water, so all you need is bathers and a towel, and some attitude (and a smile – we laugh a lot).

aqua bootcamp using noodles


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“Discovering aquaboot camp has played a huge part in my recovery journey following a very difficult pregnancy. It has significantly improved my fitness and has increased my arm, back and core strength. I no longer have any back pain from lifting and carrying my baby and it has contributed to me losing 20kg back to my pre-pregnant weight at 15 weeks postpartum. Aqua boot camp has motivated me to get back into the swing of exercising while having fun and I am feeling fantastic. ”

Michelle Brookfield, Midwife