Active Solutions | Foam Rolling and Spiky Ball Workshop
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Foam Rolling and Spiky Ball Workshop

Manage muscle stiffness and soreness with our 60-minute foam rolling and spiky ball workshop.

You will learn particular foam rolling techniques that will help alleviate muscle stiffness and back pain. We will show you how a small spiky ball can ‘get into’ all those tight little areas that usually only a masseuse can. We will show you how to use your foam roller to:

  • reduce back pain
  • improve core strength
  • release muscle tension


60 minutes to muscle health!

Get your questions answered:

  • Should I roller my IT band?
  • How does using a spiky ball on my feet improve my flexibility?
  • How does releasing tightness in one place improve how you feel all over?


Two options for booking your foam rollering workshop:

foam rollering woman easing back tension
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Bookings for workshops are negotiated

by appointment only

Geilston Bay (max 4 on 1)

or workplaces with venues

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a group who attended my foam rollering and spiky ball workshop

How’s this for a testimonial?
“After the hour intro session in to rollering I was ready to signup for more classes, I felt great immediately; while painful, it was a ‘good’ pain as things released and relaxed. But what further supported my admiration for rollering was the extra physical strength I felt playing an evening basketball game (B grade), and then the following morning as I back things up with an A grade netball game, both times I hit the court with vigour, feeling so much stronger; even against strong opponents. I threw in moves not seen for a very long time.”

Penni Lamprey