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Metabolism boosting workouts

Metabolism boosting workouts


Metabolism boosting workouts

A few guidelines – these metabolism boosting workouts are tried and tested programs for improving metabolism in fit populations.  Adapt distances to suit your fitness levels.  Use Borg’s perceived rate of exertion scale to self assess your effort level.

Research has shown participation is of no additional benefit if performed more than 3 times / week.  Twice a week is still very beneficial.  Remember to make notes of each workout (how hard it was, what adaption’s you had to make to complete it .

You can do the same workout 3 times or mix it up.  Good luck.

Track or treadmill HITT  HITT = High InTensity  Training

Warmup – light 10 min run/walk

Interval – 200 – 800 m runs at 80-90% max HR or where you would consider it to be ‘hard to very hard’ (this distance can be changed to between 200-1000m depending on your fitness)  Time the interval

Rest – light run / walk for the same amount of time x 3 (or less if you feel you do not need it)

Repeat – up to 4 times

Cooldown 10 mins



BORGS Perceived Rate of Exertion PRE and efforts relating to the scale

1 – 5   does not rate

6    no exertion at all                                        20% effort

7    very, very light (rest)                                30% effort

8                                                                         40% effort

9   very light, gentle walking                        50% effort

10                                                                      55% effort

11  fairly light                                                 60% effort

12                                                                      65% effort

13 Somewhat hard – steady pace             70% effort

14 working strongly                                    75% effort

15  Hard                                                         80% effort

16                                                                     85% effort

17  very hard                                                  90% effort

18                                                                     95% effort

19  very, very hard                                       100% effort

20  Exhausted

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