Active Solutions | Pregnancy Exercise
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Pregnancy Exercise

photo of pregnancy aqua particpant at Hobart Aquatic Centre
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Pregnancy Aqua incorporates safe and practical pregnancy exercises to help maintain fitness while pregnant

  • Sessions include both cardio and endurance activities, strengthening, stretching and relaxation.
  • Obstetricians worldwide recommend regular moderate intensity exercise for pregnant women.
  • In water you will find a low impact environment that will support your changing body without putting stress on your pelvis, back or abdominal region.
  • Work at your pace, depending on how you are feeling and what stage of pregnancy you’re at.
  • Pelvic floor exercises and education are included in each session.

Our Pregnancy Aqua Program is on every Monday 7.15pm, Friends Health and Fitness

4 visits cost $80 – use your visits within 6 weeks

Here’s what Sandra Diaz had to say about Pregnancy Aqua 

``Thanks for the awesome classes. It was so invaluable (mentally and physically) for me to be able to continue aqua class right up to 38 weeks. And I'm so happy to say that my pelvic pain is miraculously better, even straight after birth. Maybe I'll be back in a few years for round two.``
photo of pregnancy aqua particpant