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Pregnancy Aqua testimonies

We have been running pregnancy aqua classes for over 5 years and have been collecting testimonies ever since.  I thought I’d put together these testimonies for you to read so you can see that many women have tried this form of pregnancy exercise and loved it.  It is wonderful when ladies return to pregnancy aqua for their second or third pregnancy – that is testimony enough that the classes meet their needs!  Importantly relationships are formed during the classes and I regularly remind ladies that these babies born will start school in the same year, play sport together or against each other, they may or may not live in the same neighborhood.  Friendships are formed in these classes that last a lifetime for parents and children both!  There is nothing quite like the shared journey of pregnancy, birthing and beyond!  I thought I’d share 2 pregnancy aqua testimonies each year.   Jo xxx



“I really enjoyed the classes run by Jo. She’s a great teacher, fun, and friendly and provides other very helpful information for pregnancy. The classes were just the right level of exercise. Overall there was a really nice atmosphere, that you don’t get with some women-only classes. I would recommend this to any mother-to-be to help stay in shape during pregnancy.”    Natasha”I attended aqua aerobics from the start of my second trimester right through to the last few weeks of pregnancy. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience in the water and it enabled me to relax and assist with pregnancy complications such as oedema in my lower legs and feet. Jo kept us all entertained through every session and we were able to have a laugh while doing a good exercise program suitable for each stage of pregnancy. I enjoy a good workout coming from a football playing/coaching background and I found the classes enabled me to have a tough work out but also an easier one on the days I felt more tired. I would recommend Jo’s classes to everyone who wants to keep active whilst pregnant! Thanks heaps Jo!”    Eliza Pitt

Exercise while pregnant in our specifically designed pregnancy aqua classes

Exercise while pregnant in our specifically designed pregnancy aqua classes



“Jo’ ante natal aqua program was fantastic. I didn’t really know what to expect and actually thought it might be a lot of floating and relaxation (which is not what I was after) it was energetic, beneficial and just what I was after. It had just the right level of exercise and I could work as hard as my body wanted to right up till 37 weeks. I highly recommend it.      Thanks so much Jo”


“This was a fantastic program and I’m so happy I did it”




2015   ladies doing pregnancy aqua

“Loved it, loved it, loved it! Great fun, very invigorating.  And I’m very glad I learned how to do pelvic floor exercises properly.   As it turns out it sped up my recovery immensely. Thank you Jo!”    Miriam


“I was keen to find an exercise program that I could continue throughout pregnancy, and I’m so glad I found Jo’s antenatal aqua class. I began classes at about 20 weeks once running and other workouts were too much, and continued until 38 weeks. At the end I was suffering from pelvic pain and the water-based classes were the only exercise I could still do. It was a great way to meet a lovely group of other soon to be new-mums” Sandra Diaz




2016  pregnancy aqua is safe exercise while pregnant

Fantastic class that made a huge difference to me both physically and psychologically during my third trimester. Thanks Jo”   Allison Black

“Being a second time mum I knew that my body needed a bit more encouragement to stay fit throughout my pregnancy. I wanted something low impact on my joints and gentle for my ever growing tummy so the antenatal aqua class was perfect for me. Jo’s experience and knowledge was amazing, she appreciates the limitations of our bodies during pregnancy and the intensity of the classes accommodate for all stages. Being a new comer to the class she made me feel very welcome from day one and I enjoyed every minute. Thanks Jo”




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