Active Solutions | Rules of engagement
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Rules of engagement

Rules of engagement – what’s this all about?  Are we getting engaged?  No, we are entering a contract – I’m pretty well known for saying things how they are, but talking dollars – I hate that – especially when I don’t get paid, or you think I should wait for my pay.  Don’t get me wrong I’m excited you’ve made the decision to hire a personal trainer.  How lucky am I, you picked me! Thanks very much, I’m flattered and excited to be the one to help you move towards your goals . . . but here is the stuff that needs to be said and needs to be understood – these are my rules of engagement – I think you’ll find them fair and reasonable.

Perhaps we’ve had a few sessions by now, and you’ve checked me out and I’ve checked you out.   We gel – or we would not go any further – so here it goes!

I often lend out gear, I won’t charge you for this, so please look after it. It’s not covered by insurance, and I’m not paying a whole lot less than you would.   (so if you break it, please replace it) I’m only talking about gear I leave at your place.

Cancellation policy

There’s no way for me to sugar coat this.  I’ll just cut to the chase.

6 weeks over winter 2013 were particularly brutal for me and I want to remain in this industry so I made a decision, a business decision.  I had 20 cancellations over 6 weeks (and then I stopped counting), 16 of which were unpaid, and most were within 24 hours.  Reasons for cancellations were varied.  I’d still like to offer PT as 1 of my services so please if you are cancelling within 24 hours, expect to pay for it.  If this arrangement does not suit you I am not the right PT for you.  You’d be better placed with a PT in a gym who has a different income arrangement.  If you need time off for holidays, surgery, or anything predictable I can accommodate this (although your preferred workout time might need to adjust once you are back).  Should you prefer to take your business elsewhere I totally understand.  I can recommend any of the personal trainers at Hobart Aquatic Centre.  I can offer you this though – any PT session that you miss but paid for you can attend either Aqua Bootcamp or Circuit 360 free of charge.  It’s not the same but it’s the best I can offer.

My guarantee

If you aren’t happy with your sessions – if you are not meeting your goals because of something I’m not doing – would you do me a favour and ask for your money back. I’m not taking your money if you’re not getting what you want – but please give me the chance to make things right!

My request
If you are getting what you wanted and your goals are being met, can you tell everyone! In fact I’d like to be more specific than that – if you can think of 3 people who you genuinely think might benefit from my services or approach – could you forward their details to me – can you let them know you are doing that?? You might only think of 1, you might think of 10 – but word of mouth is golden in this industry – so 3 names and phone numbers and I will be very happy indeed!

How to pay

Payment options

  • Direct debit
  • Cash
  • Direct bank transfer

Interested?  Read on

I’ve had feedback that some clients would prefer some payment plan options so I have partnered with Paysmart and now offer a direct debit billing service.  If you are committing to 10 sessions or more you will still receive your 11 visit complimentary.  There are a few minor charges for using this, but we can set it up quickly and adjust it easily.  I’m confident this will be a popular way to go for those with ongoing training requirements.

Bulk payments are still available – upfront payment of 10 sessions still gets you that 11th session, even if you need to take a break for holidays

Smaller packages of 3 and 5 PT sessions are also available

Direct transfer is still available, so is cash